hoi4 国家形成 mod 15

Fixed Serbia inviting itself to the 2nd Belgrade Congress. Several new event pictures for Russia and the Commune of France. Not all mods might work together or not work at all, but download at your risk. Fixed Savinkov going bankrupt despite taking power. This mod changes the unit models and textures to give Austria a more unique feeling. Iraq no longer gets a core on Qassim, and Britain no longer claims Kufra, Jin Shuren's mission to unify Xinjiang is now removed if Sheng Shicai takes over. If Germany agrees, they will intervene in the peace talks in exchange for Austria immediately joining the Reichspakt (permanently). Added a small unit limit bonus for Yucatan, Russia can now invite Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to its faction, Lithuania will now refrain from rebelling before the WK. ACHTUNG: This mod is no longer under active development. "What if Germany had won World War 1?" China’s Northwest region renaming for the endonym mode, ITA can now join the Belgrade Pact if Austria own any of its claimed territories (as opposed to just two states specifically), Most (if not all) Brazillian breakaway tags should have their own minister lists now, Added in an peace out event for Italy if a stalemate occurs long enough and the Italian country they declared war to annex has already been annexed, The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is now a Polish cosmetic tag, instead of its own tag, Sardinia can now get a fifth research slot after returning to Piedmont, Austria will now automatically go to war with the Belgrade pact should they decided to gang up on Hungary while it is at war with Austria, If Italy refuses the peace event with Austria and chooses to push for full annexation, it will break the balance in Italy (if that is still active) and may cause Germany to intervene, When forming the UK, Canada will automatically turn over all subjects outside of North America to the UK -- unless a Canadian player is not switching to play the UK, Tooltips added for most of Canadian Royal decisions to better describe the possible effects, Added some less socialist-leaning reconstruction decisions for the UK, for versions that decide to ban the Labour Party. More songs will always be added.... Road to 56 Submod: Waking the Tiger Compatibility. This mod gives you ability to disable European Union Member idea, starting factions, guarantees and non-agression pacts. Not only that, but the National France rework comes with it two, along with several other new focus trees. ++ Changelog ++ 11/19/2018 - Added 81 Mods 11/15/2018 - Added 65 Mods 11/13/2018 - Added 86 Mods Japanese Historical Music Mod (+Japanese Communist Music). Fixed Russia not keeping Bessarabia when releasing Romania. Japan now actually loses SocCon popularity if the Seiyukai loses its majority. Date restrictions have been removed from all Risorgimento focuses. This mod is a re-upload of a mod called "Colonization", I have added a few adjustments and uploaded it because the original creator was not updating it and I had a few ideas for this mod. Imperium Britannicum (Not Updated - 1.5.2). Katanga now becomes a puppet of Germany instead of Sudwestafrika, puppets of puppets aren’t great. Thanks. Several non-political ministers such as singers in Algeria from the DH minister list has since been removed across the map, Mengjiang (which doesn’t exist in KR anyway) no longer infiltrates divisions in every country across the world, Reduce the percentage of bad results from Canada’s touring king decisions, Hunan leaders have calmed down after the initial outburst, now opted for “nonsense” and “untrue” over “bullshit”, Italy can no longer join Russia’s faction, Cuba no longer drags German Empire into war with CSA, Gdansk shipyard for POL no longer requires you to own Lesotho, Osnabrück class CAs are now Heavy Cruisers instead of Light Cruiser, American tags no longer uses SMG combat animation when they’re using rifles, Falkland no longer magically relocate itself in the Southern Pacific ocean, with clues of such failed scientific experiment removed in all British records, Russia integration for Tuva now targets the correct state, Fixed Tsar Dimitriy being replaced by Vrangel after Kornilov’s death, Canada’s “Payment to WIF” are automatically cancelled should they are at war with WIF/WIF no longer exists, Update the Japanese rename in endonym mode for Manchurian states, Reduced the Austrian surrender bonus back down, so it will actually capitulate, The American Civil War no longer ends more than once, Non-socialist majors will now retain control over Gibraltar when releasing Spain as a puppet, Russia will now retain control over Karelia when releasing Finland as a puppet, All remaining references to Lavrentiy Beria have been removed, Australasia and New Zealand now given republican flags and leaders when released by non-Entente countries, Naval locs now works properly for non-MtG owners, The Abdication Crisis will now end if the UK is created in the middle of it, Stability/war support events now no longer apply to countries in a civil war, Event for Canada to get a Governor-General after restoring the UK fixed, Event for the balance in Italy being broken now has the proper effect, AI Austria will no longer move to protect Venice if the balance global is still in effect, Fixed Canada’s annexation decision for America, for cases where the global flag for the ACW being over was not yet set, Fixed code for chances of Bill C-7 passing for Canad, New Gamerule category and additional options, Major overhaul of older nations background code (Russia, INS, Commune of France and others), many bugs fixed and performance improvements, Heightmap has been redesigned, giving the map more verticality, Annexation decisions and events have been spruced up with new GFX, many fixed bugs, adjusted costs and standardised names3, SRI now cannot call the Third Internationale into a war against an Italian tag unless the WK2 has begun or if they’re also at war with a major country. Hello! Changed the main theme to Koit, or Dawn in Estonian, which you can find here: Austria: Added Florentine March and Danubia March, Entente: Added Imperial March and Eagle Squadron. The AI will simply not build past this limit. this mod is broken and some tanks wont show up, the new mod is here. As supplying troops by truck is more efficient, each level of motorization reduces the supply consumption of troops. Planes , Ship , Tank , Infantry , Commander , Historic Unit , Historic SS Division , Afrika Korps Unit .

無料 野球ゲーム 試合 47, 犬 リンパ腫 抗がん剤 8, Mp4 テレビ再生 Usb 15, 野球 ヤジ 嫌い 12, マップ 位置情報 取得 できない 7, Ps5 Ps4 互換性 21, V36 クラッチ 切れ ない 4, ハリアー エアコンフィルター おすすめ 6, リクシル 洗面台 鏡 カビ 5, 中学理科 超 難問 40, ウッドデッキ 椅子 雨 6, コンフィデンスマン 氷姫 本物 9, 高崎線 211系 編成表 7, Lenovo Ideapad 320 15ast 4, ハーレー マフラー 中古 5, 風邪 鼻うがい 逆効果 19, Tomcat Thread Stack Size 7, 車 インテリア 自作 5, Premiere Pro ピー音 7, ポイントカード 手作り 100均 9, Pcゲーム フルスクリーン ウィンドウ 5, 小学生 間違えて持って帰った 洗濯 4, 熊本 子猫 里親 7, Excel Distinct 関数 6, ニコ生 しました 非表示 19, 直 噴 エンジン音 4, トイプードル 4ヶ月 1キロ 5, コペン Ecu 前期 5, Moe86 ドライバー 購入 15, 世帯主 二世帯 給付金 12, ポケモンgo フェスタ チケット いつまで 8, インスタ ストーリー 秒数設定 4, 黒い砂漠 ウィ オレ ンティア 5, 芦田愛菜 中学 桜蔭 7, 山崎まさよし ライブ 2020 セットリスト 23,

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